Solutions for Terminal Automation
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The Right Solutions for
Terminal Management
Terminal Automation

The Right Solutions
for Terminal Automation

The Right Solutions
for Terminal Automation


Welcome to AC2, Inc.

Providing fully-integrated terminal management solutions for bulk liquid product terminals.


Terminal Management

TPVision™ is the latest product from AC2 in the terminal management software line. Featuring updated Windows compatibility and a new sleek look, TPVision™ will provide the same quality information, but at a more efficient rate.

  • Business Process Automation
  • Manage Bulk Liquid Product Movements
  • Loading and Unloading Controls
  • Allocation and Order Management
  • Host Integration with "Paperless" Rack Orders
  • Inventory Management with Reconciliation
  • Product Quality Monitoring
  • Supervisory Decision Support Data Views
  • Extensive Plant Instrumentation Integration
  • On-Screen Embedded SAP Crystal Reports
  • Report and Alarm Distribution Via E-Mail/Text Alerts
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Industry Applications

Solutions to manage liquid product movements & logistics within the supply chain


Gasoline, Diesel & Biofuels

  • Rack Validations for Commercial & Transportation Accounts
  • Product Quality Validations for Blend
  • Allocation by Product, Groups & Components
  • Managed Preload Authorization
  • Daily & Monthly Inventory Reconciliation by Tank & Product

Crude Gathering

  • Time Based Reports Showing Inbound Volumes with Average Densities
  • Automated Tank Transfer
  • Run Ticket Reconciliation
  • Daily Co-Mingled Tank Reconciliation
  • Off-spec Product Handling

Midstream Products

  • Vapor Volume Calculations
  • Daily Gas Plant Production
  • Frac Volume Analysis
  • Product-Based Water Volume Percent
  • Contract Nominations

Chemicals, Fertilizer & Asphalts

  • Blending by Weight Scale
  • Safe Fill Loading
  • Product Safety Control
  • Automatic Compartment Seal Entries
  • Additive Reconciliation
  • On-Scale Loading