AC2 Launches TPRail, a Customer Focused Mobile App for Managing Railyard Operations


"…the TPRail App digitally transforms manual operations and paper records into easy to read reports and audit logs"

AC2's new suite of mobile applications now includes, TPRail, a game changer for your facilities that manage the loading and unloading of railcars. TPRail supports rail scheduling, maintaining railcar movements throughout the plant and simplifying the record keeping on inbound and outbound product movements. In fact, the TPRail App digitally transforms manual operations and paper records into easy to read reports and audit logs.The App is paired with a rugged, Class 1, Division 2 tablet with built-in rail tag and barcode readers and camera allowing you to manage the entire railyard with the touch a finger.

AC2 works with your team and configures a guided workflow to simplify your operation and makes it easy to capture the information your team needs with a variety of different rail car states, "In Transit", "Arrival", "Placed", "Pre-Inspected", "Checked-In", "Final-Inspection", "Checked-Out", etc.Operators are guided through the workflow process in the railyard which reduces data entry errors, increases accuracy and reduces man hours. The workflow ties seamlessly to AC2's TPVision Terminal Automation system via Industrial Wi-Fi or a Cellular.

The increased efficiency provided by TPRail will help decrease demurrage time and boost total throughput of the facility while reducing human operator error and increasing employee safety. The TPRail App is very easy to use and will allow your organization to do more with fewer employees.TPRail is part of AC2's newly launched Mobile Application Suite, providing new technology solutions to manage your business.AC2 provides the right solutions for terminal automation that manage liquid product movements and logistics within the supply chain.

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