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TP6000™ is the original terminal management software from AC2. This program features a customized GUI, various tools to aid in the terminal management process, as well as an effective reporting system to distribute data frequently.

  • Terminal Management Tools
  • Industry-Leading HMI
  • Access Security
  • "Open" Report Engine
  • Customized GUI
  • Multi-Tiered Account Management
  • Flexible Product Allocation Schemes
  • Host Accounting System Interfaces
  • Order Management
  • Loading and Unloading Controls for Truck, Rail, and Barge
  • Customizable Loading Schemes
  • Local and Remote Reporting
  • Device Integration
  • Automatically send BOLs/Reports

Performance Benefits:

TP6000 Plus™ is the end result of a product that was developed using AC2's vast experience in the bulk distribution terminal industry. With over 20 years of experience, our broad understanding of applications, workflows, and measurement and control systems coupled with our open system technology provides the platform for implementing the industry’s best practices, while matching your business processes with your business goals.

TP6000 Plus™ offers an integrated suite of applications including loading control, access security, system visualization, reporting, tank inventory and web-enabled modules. These solid core components supply a robust automation system which includes real-time graphic displays, sophisticated data gathering, reporting, history and analysis, diagnostics and redundant systems.

The TP6000 Plus™ family of applications is designed around Microsoft® development tools and Server products such as Visual Studio.Net®, ADO.Net, SQL Server® and Server 2003®. This allows for a finished product that is cost effective, “open” in design, is easy to support and familiar to most people. 

TP6000 Plus™ has been used in a variety of applications from single meter truck loading terminal to large crude oil metering systems. In every system, the core design of TP6000 Plus provides the reliability and flexibility in this ever changing and demanding industry.

A wide range of advanced terminal management software modules are available to augment the base functionality provided by TP6000 Plus™. These modules can be provided individually, or combined to provide a total solution to help increase the distribution terminal’s efficiency, availability, and operational safety.