TPVision™ Reaches Finland: NEOT and AC2, Inc. Pair Up

Next Generation Terminal Management System

Specializing in wholesale oil and bioproducts, the Finnish company NEOT (North European Oil Trade Oy) supplies fuels to large service station chains. Their business practice of navigating and acquiring new fuel solutions as the most cost efficient stands true with their partnership with AC2, Inc. NEOT has contracted with AC2 for the next generation terminal management system, TPVision™, at their Kuopio, Finland facility. TPVision™ manages loading a truck with multiple orders on one rack pickup. NEOT operates a 2 way XML interface with the NEOT Backoffice system with Kuopio and 5 other truck and rail storage facilities.

AC2 & Kinder Morgan
NESTE Oil aligns with AC2 to Create Clean Living
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